Saturday, October 14, 2006

Initial Software Download Available

The Research Group at Business Objects is very pleased to announce the availability of the initial release of the Business Objects Quark Framework for Java software. This is available for downloading at the Business Objects Labs site.

This initial release is primarily designed to allow people to get familiar with CAL, the Gem Cutter and the ICE shell. This version does not yet include the Eclipse integration, nor the Java SDK that would allow full integration of Quark logic into Java applications. An update, to be delivered within a week or two, will provide both of these additional capabilities.

As well as the software download, we have made available two more documents:

  • The Gem Cutter Manual: a beginner's guide to using the Gem Cutter and graphical language

  • Effective CAL: a guide to best practices when programming in the CAL language

We would be very happy to receive comments or questions on our new discussion forum that is now live. This is linked to from the labs page (see above link).

P.S. Yes, we realise this was built and released on a Friday the 13th. All we can say is that we tested it and our computers failed to melt down as some might predict. While Business Objects offers no warrantees regarding this software we think you're probably safe giving it a go ;-)


Tom Davies said...

The link in your post is incorrect -- it ends up relative to your blog

Luke Evans said...

Tom, you must have clicked it just moments after I posted! I checked it just minutes later and found that problem. Anyway, thanks for the note.

Raoul Duke said...

You-all are killing me, I sure do need to win that lottery so I can find the free time to really play with this system! It is very exciting stuff.

Anonymous said...

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