Friday, October 06, 2006

CALDoc now available to browse or download

As promised, we have now published the HTML CALDoc of the CAL library modules that we expect to make available shortly with the initial release of the Quark Framework for Java.

The CALDoc is available to browse or download here


Raoul Duke said...

I take it the logo is a captcha joke? (If so, it is kinda funny, if not, it is ugly :-)

Luke Evans said...

Think of it as an incentive for somebody to come up with something nice!

The current logo was hurriedly created a number of years ago for some internal presentation, and I hasten to add, not by anyone who would claim graphic design as a particular talent.

It's actually supposed to evoke the greek letter Lambda (of course), and the middle letter 'a' is designed to resemble a Gem in our graphical language.

Still, I'm hoping the content of the libraries is of slightly more interest than our CAL logo at this stage :-) - though I'm happy for any and all feedback.

ArtemGr said...

I, for one, think the logo is nice. Though it *does* look funny.

Tom Davies said...

Nice to see the number of libraries you have. I'd also be interested in the Javadoc for the Java side of the integration API.

Being accustomed to Haskell, using the Parsec library without do notation's syntactic sugar looked a bit unwieldy -- I'll have to try converting a parser I have to CAL in due course and see how it feels.

Luke Evans said...

This kind of scratches the surface, but these are the only ones we can 'give away' right now ;-)

For a few mundane practical reasons our initial downloadable software (coming RSN!) will not include a public Java SDK and therefore no JavaDoc for that side. We wanted to get something out asap for people to be able to play with the functional side. Nevertheless, this is our very next focus, along with some samples and notes that demonstrate some of the cool things you can do with the Java language interop. We are not expecting this to take more than a week or two longer.