Monday, April 09, 2007

Final countdown

Open Quark Framework release 1.4.0-0 is almost ready - we're shooting for Wednesday or Thursday, after final documentation and testing.

This release is quite feature rich. Here is the "What's New" section from the upcoming release notes:

  • The CAL Eclipse Plug-in is now open-sourced under the Eclipse Public License.

    • The CAL Eclipse Plug-in is a separate download, with its own release notes.
    • Some components of the plug-in are licensed under the BSD license of Open Quark (see the plug-in zip for details).

  • New features in the CAL Eclipse Plug-in:

    • CAL Workspace view provides a categorized tree of all CAL entities in the workspace
    • CAL Outline view shows the CAL entities in a particular module

    • CAL metadata editing support
    • Auto-complete in the CAL editor
    • Rename refactoring
    • Organize imports refactoring
    • CAL Perspective
    • CAL branding plug-in

  • CAL Eclipse Plug-in documentation:

    • New "Using CAL with Eclipse" document
    • New video "CAL Eclipse Plug-in Features"

  • Lazy pattern matching: new CAL syntax to lazily unpack data constructors and records within a let expression.
  • Improved readability of generated Java sources for understanding the Java code actually generated from CAL sources:

    • Java expression pretty printer, shorter un-desugared CAL identifier names, improved generated Java source file organization.

  • CAL and the Computer Language Shootout Benchmarks

    • benchmarks and a document summarizing results on CAL performance for the Shootout benchmarks (

  • Various bug fixes, library enhancements and documentation updates

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