Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Early March update

It's been a while since I posted an update here, so here goes...

We're making good progress on the next release, which predominantly features a number of improvements to the Eclipse support as I noted here before. We're aiming for a release this month (March).

Feedback on the Quark Framework so far has been very encouraging - though for some reason most of it has been via private email. I don't know whether this is because people are shy about commenting publically (!), or because our forum isn't working properly. The latter is entirely possible, as we have had problems before. Just in case, we are planning to create a new public forum with a 3rd party service (Google Groups is one possibility).

We have recently updated the Wikipedia content for the Quark Framework and CAL. There was already a short summary there, created by Tom Davies, which has now been expanded, with a separate page to describe the Quark Framework and CAL language in more detail.

Now that Open Quark is released we have been able to turn some attention to creating materials that communicate some of the more interesting areas of the implementation in a more formal way. We have also been invited to guest lecture at some of the local Vancouver universities, which will hopefully be the first of many occasions where we have the opportunity to speak about our motivations, and showcase details of the framework.

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