Thursday, September 28, 2006

CAL for Haskell Programmers

People familiar with Haskell will be curious as to how CAL differs from the Haskell language, and what motivates these differences. We have now posted a document addressing this here.


Mark Haniford said...

Really nice work. Any ETA on a downloadable?

I was curious, is Gem Cutter written as an Eclipse RCP?

Luke Evans said...

Thanks Mark.

We are working on getting the downloadable soon. I expect a matter of some weeks, not months.

Meanwhile, we think we'll be able to make more collateral available such as manual(s) and library documentation.

The Gem Cutter is actually a standalone Swing app right now (it was started in the year 2000). Our Eclipse integration per se is still fairly young (editor, launcher, errors, build) and obviously that is a regular plug-in using JFace &c where required. We are familiar with RCP, but nothing in this code line uses it at this point.

Mark Haniford said...

Thanks for the response Luke. If it's open source I'd be interested in porting Gem Cutter to an Eclipse plugin. It would be nice to have ICE and Gems Cutter integrated into one platform.

Luke Evans said...

Indeed, it would be nice.