Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Long time no post...

...mostly because of my nice long Summer vacation :-)

While I was away though, the team produced release 1.5.1. This release has a range of improvements as listed in the release notes.

An interesting experimental feature is the ability to share the state of a program across multiple concurrently executing threads (as opposed to the ability we've had for ages to concurrently compile and execute logic that doesn't mutually update states of a common program). We anticipate that this feature will grow into a convenient and fully-supported feature of the framework. In the meantime however, it allows people to play with "parallel CAL" so long as they are prepared to do some work to set up scenarios and are happy to take a performance hit.

The benchmarks at the "Computer Language Benchmark Game" site were updated with 1.5.1.

Looking forward to 1.6 now, we expect to deliver a bevy of features and new libraries. Over the next several weeks, some details will be posted on the forum to whet appetites and solicit feedback.


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